HIMKI and CNFMA Agree to Spur the Use of Technology in the Furniture Industry

The Indonesian Furniture and Crafts Industry Association (HIMKI) and the China National Forestry Machinery Association (CNFMA) have agreed to work together in the use of machinery technology in the furniture industry in Indonesia.

"The relationship between the furniture industry and machine technology is a symbiotic mutualism, so they can have a positive impact on each other. This relationship, which has a significant impact, can be seen in the context of production and design for the furniture and crafts industry," HIMKI General Chairperson, Abdul Sobur, explained.

According to him, there are several points of influence of technology, can increase the production efficiency and process precision.

Secondly, designers can experiment with new materials, shapes, and construction methods, knowing that modern machines can execute their ideas with precision.

Third, sustainability. Advanced machines can optimize material use, reducing waste.

The fourth point is skilled worker. Although machines have automated many processes, skilled worker is still very important in the furniture and crafts industries. Craftsmen are needed to program and operate CNC machines, as well as adding finishing touches, assembly, and quality control.

In short, explained Sobur, machining technology has changed the furniture and crafts industry by enabling mass production, increasing efficiency and precision, encouraging innovation and customization, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Source: Forestinsights


Because wood is sustainable and more eco-friendly

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