Award-Winning Thai Furniture to be Shown at International Events

Thailand's Department of International Trade Promotion is set to display 25 of the country's strongest artisanal furniture and accessory designs at a number of international design festivals.

The designs put forward aim to showcase the best of Thai design, from furniture made from local materials to products informed by Thai culture itself, with some being recognised with a DEmark Award or BCG Heroes status.

The department is supporting craftspeople and designers in showcasing their products at international trade shows throughout 2023 and 2024, including Maison and Objet in Paris, Design Fair Asia in Singapore and Milan Design Week.

The Parallel collection features a table and benches made from teak wood/img: Dezeen

The government-sponsored DEmark Award is given in recognition of excellent design from Thai artisans, craftspeople and design studios since 2008. And the award-winners receive the DEmark logo as to represent their design excellence.

In a similar way, the BCG Heroes acknowledgement commends brands on their sustainable practices.

"[BCG Heroes] comprises a selection of products that are purposefully created by Thailand's most sustainable brands that use the BCG model: B for bio-economy by utilising organic materials and biological technology throughout the manufacturing process, C for circular economy by utilising synthetic waste from industry and upcycling materials, and G for green economy by creating a circuit of environmentally production and consumption," explained The Department of International Trade Promotion.

The DEmark Award, BCG Heroes status and presence in global design fairs all aim to bolster Thailand's standing on the international design stage.

Source: Dezeen


Because wood is sustainable and more eco-friendly

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