Astonishing Furniture Projects Shortlisted in Wood Awards 2023

Wood Awards 2023 has announced 34 projects that has been shortlisted for this year's Wood Award, from over 200 projects entered. This award is split into two categories, buildings and furniture. It explores the creativity of of making buildings and furniture using wood material, the most sustainable and renewable material.

In the furniture category, there are 14 projects shortlisted. From a traditional basket to innovative music instruments are going to be displayed. The winners of the Wood Awards will be announced on 22 November during an Evening Ceremony at Carpenter’s Hall.

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As announced in their website, Corinne Julius, Head of the Furniture and Products Judges says:

“Wood is a wonderful and often underrated, sustainable material. It’s a taken-for-granted material that deserves more respect.
The Wood Awards are intended to showcase to the public the beauty and versatility of wood and highlight its ability to connect us to the natural world.
They also aim to inspire the industry, designers, makers, and students to gain a better understanding of wood in its myriad forms in order to create beautiful, intelligent products for an increasingly discriminating public.”

14 nominess projects for furniture category are:

Grain - A translucent lights made of timber veneer that precisely crafted.

The Exchange table & chairs - Foldable table and stackable dining chair.

COTTO’s Kyora Board - Made from a single piece of milled wood, the board curves to form a wooden rocker, which responds to movement underfoot.

General Purpose Sofa - A versatile and cost-effective design, a challenger to traditional sofa.

The Hanger Collection - Carved wooden beads explores the boundaries between jewellery and sculpture.

Scutoid Stool/Side-Tables - Inspired by the newly discovered scutoid shape, these geometrically complex stool/side tables can be used independently or fitted perfectly together.

Halved Lounge Chair - This economically efficient lounge chair design utilises CNC machining in response to the recent rises in the price of birch plywood.

Rocaille Morphosis - Mirror frame using limewood with handcrafted.

The Sound of Wood - Multofunction table and a musical instrument that built by 17 different wood species.

Axis Table - It draws on influences of the monumental architecture of the Bronze Age.

Serenade - The beautifully executed Serenade has been made from a single tree of English oak – lovingly nurtured by generations of forester since its planting in 1740 and felled in 1980.

Mixed-Deciduous Beam - The beam uses minimal processing steps to ensure that it is low cost to produce.

Lace Oak Natural Edge Bowl - Through a process combining wood turning and sculpting the oak takes on an intricate lace-like effect, seeming to fray at its natural edge.

The Ash Bushel Basket - This basket is made using ash splints, which have been processed from the log using a technique called ‘pounding’, woven around a bent hazel branch which is held together by a twisted piece of spruce root.

As a not-for-profit competition, the Wood Awards can only happen with collaborative industry sponsorship. A huge thank you for continued support from Carpenters Company, American Hardwood Export Council and Timber Development UK.

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Because wood is sustainable and more eco-friendly

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