Perth Will Have The World's Tallest Timber Building

Western Australia soon will have the tallest wooden building in the world to reach 191.2 meter tall.

The developers say 42% of the proposed tower will be constructed from timber, with the columns and core made of reinforced concrete.

C6 buidling concept/Image: c6perth

This project was approved by Perth’s Metro Inner-South Joint Development Assessment Panel on early October called C6, that is derived from its location at 6 Charles Street. The building structured of 50 floors for 200 apartments will use timber material cross-laminated, as well as glued-laminated (or “Glulam”), used for its beams, joinery, studs, and more.

According to the website of the project, C6 will consume approximately 580 pine trees (equal to 7,400 cubic metres of timber) sourced from sustainably managed and farmed forests. The building’s developers claim that the 7,400 cubic metres of timber consumed by C6 could be regrown in just 59 minutes from one sustainably farmed forestry region.
“We can’t grow concrete.” They added

There is no timeline when this building will be completed, but this announcement could inspires other architects to design more low carbon building using wood material.

Source: CNN


Because wood is sustainable and more eco-friendly

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