Martin Furniture Shifts Its Production to Malaysia & Vietnam

Martin Furniture, a home office, entertainment and dining furniture supplier who has manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico, has shuts down its facility after more than two decades of operations in the country. Martin Furniture has relocated its production of office and entertainment cabinets to Vietnam and Malaysia.

Carson collection by Martin furniture

Despite the move, the existing factory in Tijuana remained operational through November of 2023. The company is evaluating options that align with its long-term goals and corporate strategy for the resolution of the Mexican factory.

According to Gil Martin, company founder and CEO, this decision was not taken lightly. The company has 40 years history of wood manufacturing and 20 years in Mexico. The move of production reflects the company's commitment to adapt to changing market dynamics and capitalize on new opportunities in the global market.

The operation and production cost in Mexico was getting more expensive. The government there has been raising wages for three or four years in a row.

The manufacturing operations in Asia will be under the oversight of Gustavo Velez, vice president of imports. Corporate offices have moved to Vietnam, with veneered product coming from Vietnam, while laminate product is coming from Malaysia.

Source: homenewsnow


Because wood is sustainable and more eco-friendly

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