IFEX 2024 Brings Positive Sentiment for Economic Growth, Gains at Least 13,000 Buyers

The Indonesia International Furniture Expo attracted thousands of international buyers with huge potential offers brought positive sentiment for Indonesia’s economic growth. The exhibition that has been organized for four days, has made a significant contribution to the Indonesian furniture industry according to the number of transactions it recorded.

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During the visit, politician Muhaimin Iskandar uttered his pride and grateful that the national furniture and crafts industry has been very well accepted in the global market and had a very good economic impact.

Accompanied by the Chairman of the Indonesian Furniture and Crafts Industry Association (HIMKI), Abdul Sobur, IFEX Project Director, Addy Damarwulan, as well as several HIMKI committees, Muhaimin expressed his appreciation to HIMKI which facilitates local industry players to emerge in the global market.

This year, IFEX attracted 13,730 international buyers from 117 countries, double last year’s visitors. Most buyers are coming from Europe, Australia, China, and the United States, as well as emerging market countries such as India, Bahrain, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates. IFEX 2024 managed to record on-the-spot transactions of US$300 million.

“The transactions recorded during the exhibition prove that our furniture industry can have a significant contribution to the national economy,” said Sobur. He is confident that IFEX 2025 will attract more exhibitors and buyers. IFEX 2025 is scheduled to take place on March 6 - 9, 2025.

Source: archinesia



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