Why Wood Need to be Properly Dried

Are you a homeowner who is planning to buy some wooden dining chairs, dining table, or wooden couches; or you are working on a project to produce wooden furniture, you need to make sure that the wood material have been properly dried.

Using oven-dried solid wood should be your top priority. Dry wood can guarantee that the product you make or purchase will last for years.

Acacia wood before drying

Wood drying is a process to remove the moisture content by heating method at certain temperature and chamber's humidity. This step is very important to maintain the durability of the wood, because if the wood moisture content is too high or too humid, it can cause rot, shrinkage or other damage.

Wet wood or high moisture content becomes a 'food source' for termites. And high humidity makes the wood softer and easier to rot.

Wood Processing Easier

Working on dried wood will be easier when using machines or other manual tools. The saw blade or drill bit will be more durable when the cutting process becomes lighter. In addition, the force or energy required will be lower than wet wood.

With the minimum water content in the wood, it also facilitates wood finishing process. Finishing materials which are usually oil-based are easier to penetrate.
Dried wood also absorbs glue better to provide maximum connection strength.

Stable Dimensions, More Consistent Quality

Drying wood ensures that the moisture content in the wood reaches its equilibrium point between 8-12%, or also known as the Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). In these conditions, the wood will be no longer deformed or the wood shrinkage is very small.
As the moisture content is maintained, the wood can last longer and free from fungi or insects.

Wood Drying Kills Insects

Wood insects are very fond of moist/wet wood, because it is a source of food and makes it a nesting place. Insects can even lay their eggs in wood which can then attack the wood when the eggs hatch.
Hot air or steam up to 68 °Celcius which is channeled into the drying chamber is able to kill insects that are still in the wet wood.

Better Exposure on Wood Grain and Color

Water tends to affect the color of the wood to be darker in certain types of wood. In a dry condition the wood grain will stand out more and the color of the wood will look true to the original. In Acacia wood for example, the color of dry wood will look lighter and brighter.

The lines of wood grain can be seen in more detail, so it will be more beautiful for the light or transparent finishing color.

Save Your Money

Having a good quality wood furniture means more durable and stronger, so you don't have to make additional expenses. Furniture made of dry wood is not easily damaged or weathered.

Dried-wood reduce your frequency of replacing it with new furniture, and the cost of maintaining furniture also relatively small. There's no longer changing chair legs for example, or no longer having to look for a replacement for a curved wooden door.

By using wooden furniture that has been properly dried, you also indirectly avoid your home from the risk of wood-eating insects


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