Japan's Plywood Import from Malaysia Rose in August 2023

Since early this year, Japan's plywood import from Malaysia has decreasing trend with the lowest monthly import was in April 2023. In August, reported that import volume rose double-digit (23%) compared to the previous month, but was down more than 30% compared to August 2022, according to data from Japan Finance Ministry.

Plywood ready to export/img: H&G plywood

Japan imported plywood volume from Malaysia in August 2023 was 316,700 m3, shrinking from 552,500 m3 in Aug 2022.

“Year on year, the volume of plywood imported by Japan from the main shippers in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and China were all declined with sharper declines observed for Indonesia and Malaysia” said International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO) Tropical Timber Market Report (Oct 1-15, 2023).

Official data showed that Indonesia was the top plywood supplier to Japan, with total 334,000 m3 in first 8 months of 2023, which was a sharp decline from 538,800 m3 in 8 months of 2022.
Same situation with the shipments from China, were down to 96,100 m3 from 185,700 m3, within the 8 months of 2022.

According to Japan Lumber Report (JLR) report that their prices are on the rise in Japan due to the weaker Yen. However, importers find it difficult to raise the prices due to the low demand.

Source: NewsSarawakTribune



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