Plywood Export Volume from China Decreased in the H1 2023

Plywood export volume from China were reported drop by 9% in the first half of 2023. According to Chinese customs statistics, China's plywood export volume from Jan - June 2023 reached 5.13 million m3, which means decreased by 9% versus same period of 2022. That represent total value of 2.368 billion US Dollar, a drop of 20% compared to last year.

Plywood from China/img: HenanYimuTech

China exports to 10 different countries as their major markets, with Philippines, UK, and Japan as the major markets. Somehow, the market in those 3 countries were significantly declined. Philippines dropped -9%, UK down -18%, and Japan dropped -27%, marked the 2nd biggest drop in volume (m3) after US.

United States no longer the main market for China's plywood, and at the other side Middle East and Africa is on the rise with Nigeria as the biggest increase up to 72% in volume.

Nigeria become the third largest market for China, it reaches 290,000 m3 in the first half 2023 that worth 95 million US Dollar in value. That is 47% increase year-on-year.

Total Export volume of plywood from China in 2022 (in thousands m3), by destination:
1. Philippines: 994
2. United Kingdom: 695
3. Japan: 679
4. Uninet Arab Emirates: 503
5. Saudi Arabia: 435
6. United States: 425
7. Australia: 404
8. Mexico: 401

Source: globalwood,statista


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